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                    6 exhibition halls, 8 forums, 1000 exhibitors, 50000 visitors, the whole industrial chain expo for construction market trading in central China---
                    The 13rd Wuhan International Green Building Technology And Decoration Material Expo 2021
                    Duration: 16th -18th March, 2021
                    Location: Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang District)
                    Organizers: Chushang Federation of Hubei Province
                    Construction Energy-saving Association of Hubei
                    Decoration Association of Xianning
                    Building Materials Market Association of Hubei
                    Furniture Association of Wuhan
                    Decoration Association of Jingzhou
                    Glass Association of Hubei
                    Green Building Materials Association of Hubei
                    Hardware and Heating Water Association of Wuhan
                    Forestry Promotion Association of Hubei
                    Adhesion Academical Association of Wuhan
                    Revolutionary Building Materials Association of Wuhan
                    Flooring Association of Hubei
                    Building Materials Association of Xianning
                    Building Materials for Decoration Association of Gucheng
                    Interior Design Association of Hubei
                    Door&Window Association of Wuhan
                    Aluminum Association of Wuhan
                    Buiding Materials Distributors Association of Wuhan
                    Decoration Association of Xinyang
                    Decoration Circulation Association of Jingmen
                    Civil Construction Academical Association & Building modernization Committee
                    Aluminum Association of Jianli
                    Prefabricated Building Branch of Construction Association of Wuhan
                    Decoration Association of Suizhou
                    Undertakers: Technology-advancing & Construction and Green Development Association of Hubei
                    Wuhan Windvane Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
                    Wuhan Yingqi Exhibition Co., Ltd.
                    Supported by: Wuhan Bureau of Urban-rural Development
                    Construction Association of Hubei
                    Real Estate Association of Hubei
                    Decoration Association of Hubei
                    Prospective Design Association of Hubei
                    Promotion of Trading Association of Wuhan
                    Real Estate Development Association of Wuhan
                    Energy-saving Association of Hubei

                    ■ About
                    Having been held 12 sessions successfully, Wuhan Green Building Expo 2021 becomes the largest trading platform for building and decoration materials in central China. Government leaders were presented who are from Hubei provincial housing construction department, the Wuhan municipal construction committee, as well as other related departments. The 12th Wuhan International Green Building Technology Product Expo 2019 was successfully held in Wuhan International Exhibition Center. This year, Not only it achieved a rise in scale of more than 30%, but also it performed a trading event with famous exhibitors from all over the world, such as Broad Homes Industrial, COZY, CSCEC and Langsheng Windows etc. Six green building-related forums including "prefabricated building and decoration industrialization, doors and windows, building materials and home furnishings" were held at the same time. The proven model of visiting including free shuttle bus, lunch and accommodation continued to benefit visitors. More than 100 professional visitor groups varying from distributors, building energy conservation office representatives, contractors, designers, real estate developers, building marketers to association members attended the show.

                    ■ Organization
                    Big Data
                    Wuhan Green Building Expo 2021 has tens of thousands of accurate audience data and previous core customers. Invitations will be sent via telephone, SMS, email and social platform, which will be multi-channel and variable. In combination with the new metro line 6 directly leading to expo center, it takes visitor less time and energy to arrive and participate.
                    Marketing and Promotion
                    2020 Wuhan Green Building Expo will release newsletters or place advertisements through professional Media and mass media, such as China Building Materials Information Network, Hubei Building Material Net and Hubei Night Daily. More than 1000 articles will transfer messages to more people.
                    At the same time, fielding project of sending invitations directly to targeted visitors in surrounding area of Hubei has been practiced and achieved good results.
                    What’s more, this year marketing and promotion will be cooperated with network Tiktok to further increase influence.
                    Visiting benefits
                    The last exhibition successfully implemented the visiting benefits of "free shuttle buses and lunch". During the 2021 exhibition, it is expected that 300 buses will be sent to the construction institutions (building energy conservation office), building materials market, home furnishing association, real estate developers, designers, engineers, home furnishings and large-scale decoration engineering units in all counties and cities in Hubei Province to consolidate and expand the scale of the visiting group, and free hotels are provided for visitors in need.
                    Five forums and conferences are scheduled to be held at the same time: the 6th prefabricated building and decoration industrialization Forum 2021, Green building materials and construction energy-saving Forum 2021, Development of interior design Forum 2021, Construction energy-saving standards for doors and windows Conference 2021, Revolutionary technology in green building materials Forum 2021.

                    ■ Scope of Exhibits
                    ◇ Exhibition Hall B1-B2
                    Pavilion of building industrialization and device
                    Pavilion of construction template in scaffolding
                    Pavilion of flooring, sports area and materials

                    ◇ Exhibition Hall B3
                    Pavilion of intelligent home furnishing
                    Pavilion of construction energy-saving and heating&ventilation

                    ◇ Exhibition Hall B4
                    Pavilion of doors and windows

                    ◇ Exhibition Hall B5
                    Pavilion of customized home furnishing and doors

                    ◇ Exhibition Hall B6
                    Pavilion of decoration materials and illumination

                    ■ Exhibition Rates (Honorable booths are limited, please make reservation in advance.)
                    International standard booth 9㎡: USD 2000 / booth;
                    Special booth (36㎡ on hire): USD 250 /㎡.

                    ■ A Advertisement information is suggested
                    Please contact expo office.

                    ■ Organization Office
                    The 13rd Wuhan International Green Building Technology And Decoration Material Expo 2021
                    Add: Room 2216, No.186 Xinhua Road, Wuhan, China
                    Tel: 0086-27-8243 9067
                    Fax: 0086-27-8243 9316
                    Contact: Miss Lee
                    Mob: 0086 1388 6042 587
                    Expo website : www.was-expo.com、www.mybarberbussiness.com
                    E-mail: 70319339@qq.com

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